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  • Join the Team
  • Win Prizes
  • Spring Educational Meeting
  • Recycling and Composting
    • Organic Waste
    • Styrofoam
    • Blue in the Loo
    • Recyclopedia
    • Boat Shrink Wrap
  • Reuse
    • FreeCycle and BBLCA Free
  • Septic Systems
  • Cleaning Products
    • Dishwasher Detergent
  • Planting
    • Red Osier Dogwoods
    • Impatiens
  • Weed Maintenance
    • Aquatic Weeds
    • Unwanted Vegetation
  • BBLCA News
    • HydroOne Delivery Charges
    • 911#s
    • Help Wanted
    • Reduce Costs
    • Change of Information
    • AGM

Environmental Newsletter - Spring 2014

Join the Team

Welcome to our premier environmental newsletter. We want to address issues on a local scale that affect all of us on our lake. Tell us your concerns. Submit ideas, tips, articles, links, whatever you think would be helpful and interesting to your neighbours.

These are my qualifications to produce this newsletter.

  • I write short stories.
  • I was crowned Composting Royalty for the county.
  • I have a keen interest in our environment.

The 3rd point is my only real qualification and one that I’m sure I share with all of you. I need help with this newsletter, so why not join the team in whatever capacity suits you. You can reach me by email at

Win Prizes

It’s simple to win. Go to the Environment page and answer the environmental quizzes. We’ll be drawing names for great prizes at our Spring Educational Meeting. Let us know if you’d like to donate a prize.

Spring Educational Meeting

Join us for an educational meeting on Sunday, May 25th at 10:00 a.m. at 43 (formerly 1377) Saunders Rd. on these topics:

  • septic smarts
  • responsible tree removal and maintenance
  • shoreline maintenance and enhancement
  • fishing
  • responsible weed cutting and removal
  • invasive species

See the News page for more details. Have coffee & treats and reacquaint yourself with your neighbours after a long winter.

Recycling and Composting

Organic Waste

Did you know that the Buckhorn Transfer Station accepts organic waste? You can put anything in the organics bin that you would normally put in a backyard composter, such as coffee grounds, tea bags, fruit and vegetable peels, but the organics program accepts table scraps that contain fat, meat and bones. You can also include paper towels and tissue paper. Find Peterborough County Environmental Services on our Links page for more details.

Go to the Environment page and take our Composting and Recycling Quiz to be eligible to win a prize from Buckhorn Home Hardware at our Spring Educational Meeting.


Styrofoam, also known as Polystyrene, PS or #6 is not accepted at the Buckhorn and Bobcaygeon transfer stations at this time. Save your Styrofoam and take it to the Peterborough recycling depot located at 390 Pido Rd. They do not accept packing peanuts.

Blue in the Loo

In addition to regular recyclable items such as paper products and plastic bottles, the following bathroom product containers are recyclable as part of the Blue in the Loo program.

  • Aerosols (shaving, hair products)
  • Deodorant (stick, roll-on, spray)

Go to the Environment page and take our Blue in the Loo Quiz to be eligible to win a prize at our Spring Educational Meeting.


Not sure if something is recyclable? Go to our Links page to find the Peterborough County Environmental Services web page and see disposal alternatives for many products.

Boat Shrink Wrap

If you have your boat shrink wrapped and stored, be sure to ask whoever is storing your boat if they participate in the boat wrap recycling program. Most large marinas do participate, but be sure to ask. This recycling is no longer available for individuals. If you store your boat and it has been shrink wrapped, try to reuse the wrap next winter or ask whoever wrapped it for you if they can have it recycled.


FreeCycle and BBLCA Free

Want to divert items from landfill by getting or giving away free stuff? Check out or post it on our site. See our Environment page for more details.

Septic systems

Want a healthy septic system? Avoid putting these items in your septic.

  • Paints, solvents, thinners,
  • Laundry bleaches, toilet bowl cleaners, caustic drain openers,
  • Oils, grease and fat, and
  • Facial cleansing, cleaning and baby wipes.

Think you can get away with a faulty septic? Think again. You risk polluting the water that you swim in and drink.

Let’s reduce our expectations for perfect laundry, homes and lawns and reduce our use of harsh chemicals. Share your tips.

Attend our Spring Educational Meeting to get the scoop on poop.

Cleaning Products

You almost need a PhD to determine what a safe cleaning product is, but with a bit of label reading we can be reasonably assured that we’re making the right choice. Share your recommendations.

Dishwasher Detergent

Can you recommend an environmentally friendly dishwasher detergent that actually works and is not only phosphate free, but doesn’t contain bleach?


Red Osier Dogwoods

The Red Osier Dogwood is a native shrub and is perfect for a natural shoreline. Its extensive root structure helps hold soil in place to stop erosion and it can endure flooding for a month. Its dark red branches provide winter interest and the birds love the fruit. Depending on the conditions, the shrub can grow up to three metres tall and wide. It can withstand severe pruning by beavers or property owners that do not wish to block their view.

Attend the Spring Educational Meeting and hear more about suitable shoreline plants.


Reputable nurseries will not be carrying Impatiens for a few years, because of a blight called Impatiens Downey Mildew (IDM). It causes black spots on top of the leaves and a white mildew underneath. If you had infected impatiens last year, the spores will stay in your soil for a few years and any newly planted Impatiens will be infected. If everyone stops planting Impatiens for a few years, the spores will die off, because they will not have a host.

Coleus and Begonias are good substitutions for Impatiens if you want to plant annuals.

Thank you to Griffins Greenhouses for this important information as presented at the Buckhorn Community Centre during one of their “Chew and Chat” sessions.

Weed maintenance

Aquatic Weeds

Attend our Spring Educational Meeting to find out about responsible weed cutting and removal.

Weed cutting on the Trent Severn Waterway requires a permit. Cuttings must be collected and disposed of on land to prevent them from taking root elsewhere. Maximum width of harvesting area is 50% of the water frontage, up to a maximum of 10 metres; the area may extend up to 30 metres out into the water body. Emergent vegetation, rocks and logs must not be disturbed. A permit for harvesting aquatic vegetation will not be approved in areas of emergent wetland vegetation, or where Species at Risk or their habitat may be negatively impacted. Find the KLSA Aquatic Plant Guide on our Links page.

Unwanted Vegetation

Do you want to rid your gravel driveway of unwanted weeds and grass? Try weeding after a heavy rain when the ground is softer. You can also use this eco-friendly solution to pour on the weeds if you have a sunny location. Mix 1 tsp. of dishwashing liquid with 1 tsp. of salt and 1 cup of vinegar. Stir and pour on the weeds. The exposed part of the weed will die off within a couple of hours. You may still need to pull or rake the weeds to remove them.


HydroOne Delivery Charges

Have you recently moved to the cottage? If your lake property is your primary residence, be sure to notify HydroOne. You’ll need to change your status from Residential – Recreational to Residential – Medium Density. Check your hydro bill to be sure. Recreational residents pay more for delivery fees.


We’ve collected the new 911#s and updated the BBLCA map and our database. New maps will be available at our next AGM. Check for an electronic copy of the map and directory.

Help Wanted

Consider running for the board in the next election, but you don’t have to be a board member to help. Lessen the load. Help your association in whatever capacity you want. Volunteer to help with a meeting or social event, be a road rep, contribute an article to the newsletter, help with the website, join the water quality testing or lake plan teams or tell us what interests you and we’ll find you a job.

Reduce BBLCA Costs

If you are receiving this newsletter in hardcopy, please help us reduce costs and give us your email address. We will not share your email and will protect your privacy in mass mailings. Mailing costs have increased and we don’t want to raise our membership fees, so we will email newsletters and may hand delivery to your BBL property if we have enough volunteers.

Change of Information

Win a prize! Give us your updated contact information and you’ll be eligible to win a prize.


We’re setting the date for the AGM and will be posting the date and the agenda to