Road Rep Procedures

In July of each year, Road Representatives will receive the following:

Collection Procedures

Road Representatives are to go to each residence on their route.

If someone is home, collect membership dues if possible. Complete Remittance form in hard copy format as you collect money.

Store membership dues and forms in a safe place until remitted to the Membership Director.


All forms containing personal membership information should be stored in a safe place until given to the Membership Director.

Personal information should not be shared with anyone other than board members who will use the information to update records and process payments.

Membership forms should not be left in doorways, because of the risk of indicating to vandals that no one is home.

Remittance Procedures

Give the completed remittance and completed membership forms along with all cash and cheques to the Membership Director within 48 hours of collection.

Lost Membership Dues

Membership dues must be stored in a safe place and remitted to the Membership Director within 48 hours.

Any loss of membership dues must be reported immediately to the Membership Director.

If Road Representatives do not store membership dues in a safe place and the dues are lost as a result, they must reimburse BBLCA for the lost membership dues.

These procedures are necessary to assure our members that their dues and personal information are protected.


Please contact the Membership Director with any questions about these procedures.