Big Bald Lake is a jewel among the Kawartha Lakes of east-central Ontario. Nestled snugly to the west of Buckhorn, the lake is made up of a number of bays around the perimeter and random islands dotting the central portion, yielding a uniquely beautiful view from the shoreline of each property. Currently there are over 200 registered property owners on Big Bald Lake who have come to know this little paradise in the Kawarthas. Big Bald Lake is noted for its diverse and beautiful natural shorelines, fish and wildlife and the tranquil serenity. Big Bald Lake is located on the Trent-Severn Waterway and shares the same water levels as Little Bald, Pigeon, Chemong and Upper Buckhorn lakes.

Big Bald Lake Cottagers' Association was formed in the early 1990ís as a group of concerned lake residents who desired a forum that would bring people together both socially and to express common environmental concerns. We are a non-profit, volunteer-run organization. We became incorporated on January 12, 2001 as we continued to grow and keep abreast of lakeside development issues.

This site is maintained by the Big Bald Lake Cottagers' Association.

Read our Mission Statement November 26\16

Read our By-laws August 8\14

Read our Privacy Policy November 26\16

Board of Directors

President: Kim Letto
Treasurer: Janie Zaitz
Membership Director: Nancy Boyce
Social Director: Sue Flanagan
Director: Mark Richardson
Director: Rich Corbin
November 7\16


We always welcome new committee members or volunteers for specific events.

Recording Secretary: Sharron Curley
E.coli & Phosphorus Water Quality Testing: Rich Corbin, Norm Maia
Environmental Committee: Rich Corbin volunteers needed
Social Committee: Sue Flanagan, Nancy Boyce, Kim Letto, volunteers needed
Marketing & Advertising: Kim Letto
Communications and Social Media: Kim Letto, Sue Flanagan, Nancy Boyce
Website: Nancy Boyce, John Curley
Environmental Newsletter: volunteer needed
Lake Plan: volunteers needed
Road Sign Maintenance: John Boyce
Sign Posting: John Boyce
Map Updating: John Boyce
Quarry Monitoring: volunteer needed
Township Council Meeting Monitoring: volunteer needed
November 7\16

Road Reps

Our Road Reps visit our lake residents each July to collect membership dues and update information for our directories. They are often our first line of contact with our residents and report back to the board of directors about your concerns and ideas.

If you would like to get to know your neighbours and can spend a few hours in July to help, please contact Nancy Boyce. May 10\15

Read the detailed Road Rep procedures here. May 21\14

Lakecrest Rd: volunteer needed
Hall Dr: volunteers needed
Hall Cres: volunteers needed
Irwin Dr: volunteers needed
Elbow Point Rd: Bruce Barnes, volunteer needed
Big Bald Lake Rd area:
    Fire Route 79: Paul McMillen
    Fire Route 79A: volunteer needed
    Fire Route 79B: volunteer needed
    Fire Route 79C: volunteer needed
    Fire Route 79D: volunteer needed
    Fire Route 79E: volunteer needed
Fire Route 81 (Ciccale Rd): Mariko Sormon
Catalina Bay area:
    Fire Route 82: volunteer needed
    Fire Route 82B: volunteers needed
May Bay / Fire Route 84: Brenda Thomas
Philrick Dr (between May Bay & Saunders): Peter Crawford
Fire Route 85 (Walsh Rd): Bob Quinn
Saunders Rd: Joe Sargent, Kim Letto
Fire Route 86 (end of Saunders): Joe Sargent
Fire Route 87 (Robinson Court): Lori Newton
Philrick Dr (from Saunders Rd to end): Mike & Vivien Brown
Fire Route 88 (Stewart Court): John Milne
Fire Route 89 (end of Philrick): Kim Letto, Nancy Boyce
August 31\15