BBLCA / Stonescape Quarry Covenant
(for Milk House Quarry)

The BBLCA entered into a covenant with Stonescape Quarry 13 years ago for the property on Hwy 36, between Flynn's Turn and Philrick Drive on the lake side of the highway. There are 12 years left in the covenant.

Under this covenant, Stonescape will not crush stone for the remaining 12 years. They are allowed to remove dimension stone and landscaping stone. Stonescape will be allowed to crush stone when the covenant expires. The current BBLCA board has no plans to try and stop the ability to crush stone once the covenant expires in 12 years. Crushing will be allowed with the minimum requirements for a sound barrier.

The association board has been approached by Stonescape asking for a compromise so that they can crush stone now. We are in a position to negotiate. This will not be an option when the covenant expires.

Some of the options that could be discussed are:

  • crush for a limited period of time and for a limited number of days
  • exaggerated sound barricades that include planting of trees on the berm, etc., to enhance the barricade and reduce possible noise pollution
  • possibly white noise back up indicators, although in crushing operation there is only 1 loader
  • other suggestions we can think of to proactively protect our area

Stonescape Quarry will be available at the AGM to answer questions.

The BBLCA board feels this is a very important decision and that all property owners should be allowed to ask questions and provide input. Questions will be best answered at the AGM by Stonescape.

Once we have a definite list of agreed upon restrictions from Stonescape, we will email our residents and allow them to vote on whether we accept these restrictions and allow crushing to proceed or we keep the existing covenant.
September 6\18

Milk House Quarry Operational Plan

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Milk House Quarry Map Proposed Berm Extension

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Milk House Quarry Map Proximity to Philrick Drive

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Application for Stonescape I Quarry for aggregate and dimension stone extraction. The granting of the quarry license was appealed to the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) and the restrictive covenant came about as a mediated settlement. It was registered against the title on behalf of the Big Bald Lake Cottage Association. Concerns covered noise, dust, water quality, traffic etc., and the covenant was granted to avoid a 2 year OMB delay. The covenant states, "No construction aggregate (i.e., crushed stone) shall be processed on or removed from the lands described herein for a period of 25 years from the date hereof, provided however that the restrictive covenant will not prevent the lands described herein from being licensed pursuant to the Aggregate Resources Act nor will it prevent the removal of dimension or landscaping stone." The area is Part Lot 20, Concession 9 Municipality: Galway-Cavendish-Harvey.


Stonescape II: From township records: Application for a Class A licence for the removal of aggregate Property Address/Description: Part Lot 20, Concession 9 Municipality: Galway-Cavendish-Harvey OMB Case No.: PL100904

It was allowed by the Township, then appealed to the OMB. The Peterborough Examiner story relates "The OMB directed township to amend the rezoning to address concerns of the appellants. The amendment should now include specific risk-management and mitigation measures to ensure the protection of endangered and threatened species found on the property and measures to address groundwater concerns. Most important was the Township development of a comprehensive zoning bylaw.

Quarries in the Flynn Corners area and their annual licensed capacity are:

Stonescape 1.5 million tonnes dimension & aggregate

Dufferin 1.0 million tonnes and aggregate permit for 1.0 million tonnes

Pluard 1 20,000 tonnes

Pluard 2 unlimited

Ormell 400,000 tonnes

Milkhouse future extraction of 1.5 million tonnes

Rockridge - new - 1.5 million tons aggregate


Application for RockRidge Quarry: The intent to apply for a license went to township council in April 2017. This will also require rezoning from Agriculture to Extractive. The license is for an aggregate quarry with an annual extraction of 1.5 million tons. The company expects to bring to the new council sometime in the new year (2019). Prior to that there will be public meetings. Note the application has been completed and is posted @ Trent Lakes Current Planning Applications Rockridge Quarry OPA 50 & ZBA 17-26

Notice of Complete Application

Note: Notices were circulated to property owners within 500 metres of the subject lands in accordance with the Planning Act and Municipality of Trent Lakes Policy AD-32 (Provision of Public Notice).

Supporting Documents:
- Planning Report
- Natural Environment Report
- Noise Study
- Traffic Report
- Blast Impact Analysis
- Hydrogeological Assessment

Additional studies and site plans are available upon request at the municipal office during regular business hours.