Mission Statement

To protect and enhance Big Bald Lake for the betterment of all its residents.

The following is our mandate as set out in our articles of incorporation.

  1. to deal with environmental, municipal and other issues affecting Big Bald Lake and its residents living temporarily or permanently in the area and to present a united voice to address any issues of concern to the appropriate authorities.

  2. to maintain and enhance the quality of life of its members through careful attention to such matters as water quality, boating and swimming safety.

  3. to protect and enhance the Big Bald Lake environment by addressing such issues as water quality, wildlife preservation, shoreline development, conservation and the promotion of respect for the environment.

  4. to take an interest in anything which may contribute to the health, pleasure, comfort and security of its members.

  5. fostering and advancing the interests of its members.

  6. carrying on research and investigation into problems connected with ownership and development of real property in the Big Bald Lake area.

  7. developing and fostering community spirit.

  8. promoting organized athletics, arts, recreation, education, civic emergency, social service and other community endeavours.

And such other complementary purposes not inconsistent with these objectives.

Together, we are strong!