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2022 BBLCA Events

If you'd like to host an event or donate a prize for a contest, please contact Sue.

Boxing Day Parade
Meet at 4-corners
Philrick/Saunders Rd/FR87
Monday, December 26th, 1 pm


Nature Activity Colouring Book

We produced an Activity Colouring Book for our Nature Walk in the spring of 2018. We have now created a version on our website.

Link to Nature Activity Colouring Book

Past Contests

Thank you to Kathy Mako for developing a fun word search game for us using wildlife found on Big Bald Lake.

Martina won this 350 page book of puzzles.

May 1\22

May 1\22

Winter Bingo Winners

Congratulations to all our participants. The following people have won pottery birds made and donated by Sue Flanagan.

Sue Flanagan
John & Nancy Boyce
Charlene Fraser
Kathy Mako
Ron Lewis
Pam Dickey
Margaret Cheung

Margaret also won the draw for this prize from The Avant‑Garden Shop in Peterborough donated by John & Nancy.

April 1\22

Winter Fun Contest Winners

Congratulations to Jenna and Ria. They have won Mary Kay products donated by Barb Knill. Thank you to our participants and to Barb.

Barb Knill donated these fragrance free Mary Kay Products: Satin Hand set, hand cream, hand soap & hand sanitizer.

Barb Knill, Mary Kay
Independent Beauty Consultant
April 1\22

St. Patrick's Day Parade

A few of us dressed up for St. Patrick's Day and had a walk through the Philrick area in beautiful sunshine. March 20\22

Buckhorn Hoodies Draw

Past Contests

Big Bald Lake Crossword Puzzle

Congratulations to Tabatha Dean, who played the Big Bald Lake Crossword Puzzle and won the 350 page Canadian Cottage Puzzle Book.

You can still play the crossword game as we'll keep it on the website until the end of the year. Thank you to Kathy Mako for coming up with the words and helping with all the clues. It's a fun game for the whole family.

Click on the image below to go to the online puzzle.
October 4\22

Shoreline Stabilizer Plant Kit Winner

Congratulatons to Randy Whatman. Randy got a couple of trays of plants to use along his shore. We were happy to be able to give away these plants that we purchased from Kawartha Conservation.
September 10\22

Milkweed Seeds Winners

Thank you to all our participants who entered our draw and will be helping the endangered Monarch butterflies by planting milkweed seeds this fall.

Congratulations to our Common Milkweed seeds winners:
Kathy Mako
Ria Whatman
Brayden Aloe
Jennifer Vanleeuwen
Mike Goulding

Congratulations to our Swamp Milkweed seeds winners:
Pam Dickey
Brenda Thomas
Kev Mako
Julie Whitley
Sue Flanagan
August 26\22

Summer Bingo Draw Winner

Thank you to Sue for developing this fun game.

Each participant won a pottery bird made and donated by Sue.

Congratulations to Kathy Mako who won the Indigenous bear puzzle purchased from The Avant‑Garden Shop and donated by Nancy.

August 26\22

Boat Safety Kit Draw Winner

Congratulations to our winner Tabatha Dean.

Thank you to everyone who entered. This was a very popular contest. We hope that everyone has a safety kit in their boat including their kayaks and canoes.

July 28\22

Coasters Draw Winner

Congratulations Kristen! Thank you to Stephen DeBarros for his kind donation.

If you didn’t win, but still want coasters (or clocks or cribbage boards), check out Buckhorn Studio.
April 16\22

Big Bald Lake Hoodies Draw Winners

Congratulations to our winners:

March - Bruce Wells
February - Kelly Welsh
January - Martina Prince
December - Brody Flanagan
November - Mark Kowall
October - Olivia Crawford
September - Shayne Rheeder
August - Brenda Thomas
July - Pete Crawford

A special thank you to Sue Flanagan for organizing all the BBL apparel.

March 27\22

BCC Festival of Trees

Don't miss the Festival of Trees at the Buckhorn Community Centre.

Here is our bird themed contribution with handmade ornaments and gifts.

November 18\22

Past Events

Witches Walk

The weather was perfect for our October 30th Witches Walk on Saunders Rd. We were happy to be joined by some children and Barbara shelled out treats to us. Sue hosted a lunch for us witches before the walk and we had a lot of good laughs. November 18\22

2022 BBLCA Annual General Meeting

We sent out the virtual AGM on October 2nd. We will report on the results of the voting and our survey after voting finishes on October 15th. You may view the AGM Presentation and all past presentations and minutes on our Documents page. October 4\22

Movie Night

Thank you to Michelle and Drew for hosting this event. The weather held out for the children's movie, but the main event was cut short by a thunderstorm.
September 10\22

Arr’some Pirate Water Only Regatta

Thank you to our hosts, donators, organizers and participants. We were overwhelmed by the number of people who participated in the Regatta, 47 children! We were very excited to have 14 Regatta locations with 3 challenges and an extra challenge where the kids got rubber frog slingshots from a clothesline over the water.

See photos in the BBLCA Facebook Album.

It takes a community to put on an event and we'd like to thank the following organizers, hosts, donators and volunteers, many of whom did double duty:

Sue & Paul Flanagan
Nancy & John Boyce
Kathy Mako
Diane & Bruce Gardner
Rod Ciccale & Kendra Fairs
Mike & Deb Chapman
Martina Prince & Steve Entwistle
Anita Koch
Susan & Paul Ventresca
Merry Wu & David Gibson
Kristen Galyen
Kathleen & Bruce Wells
Paul, Julie & Adele Whitley
Pamela Hamilton
Debbie & Jim Bouchard
Gary Graham
Fiona O'Hanlon
Brenda Thomas
Rhonda Johnson
August 1\22

Past Contests

Canadian Flag Winners

Congratulations to our winners of full size Canadian flags in time for Canada Day.

Tabatha Dominguez
Mike Bowman
Tabatha Dean
Ted Ykema
Debbie Thornhill

Thank you to Dave Smith's office (MPP Peterborough-Kawartha) for donating two flags. Our association paid for the other three. June 28\22

Big Bald Lake Beaver Ice Melting Contest

Spring is here - the beaver is down! Congratulations Marney & Andrew. They chose to get their local $100 gift card from Pizza Alloro. We are so happy to support Pizza Alloro as they have always supported us with Regatta sponsorship and gift cards for every welcome basket.

Thank you to Theresa & Mark for keeping an eye on the Big Bald Lake Beaver this winter.

April 10\22

Beaver Dunk Dates

This is a list of the dates when the Beaver went swimming and our lucky past winners:

April 7, 2022 - Marney & Andrew Sisel

March 19, 2021 - Sandra Linton

April 4, 2020 - Tom & Margaret Cheung

April 15, 2019 - Sue Flanagan

April 23, 2018 - Rod Ciccale

April 7, 2017 - Don Cuttell

March 27, 2016 - Sue Flanagan

April 13, 2015 - Brenda Thomas
April 10\22

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2021 Year in Review