Online Advertisers

A.J. Del Piero
Electrical Contractor & Generac Dealer

Your on the lake dealer for sales and service. Take advantage of Brian's fall generator service special for BBL residents.

Clean Water Systems
Let's welcome this new business to the neighbourhood. They're at the entrance to Catalina Bay. They can help you chose the right filter for your needs and select the correct water softener, reverse osmosis, U.V. light units, well pumps, and pressure tanks for your home.

Weeds Away - Aquatic Aeration Solutions
Prevent silt and sediment from settling near your dock or swimming area.

Logan Tree Experts
For all your Gypsy Moth control needs. Now is the time to remove those egg masses. Their expert tree climbers can reach the eggs in your tree canopy.

Advertisers Wanted
Please contact us if you wish to advertise on-line. The cost is $35 and includes a link here on our home page for one month, a one-time ad in our newsletter and on our Facebook page and an ad on our Advertising page for one year.


2022 BBLCA Events

Here's our plan for 2022. This doesn't include all the great contests you know we're going to have! Everything is subject to change at this point, but we're hoping to do lots.

If you'd like to host an event or donate a prize for a contest, please contact Sue.

Winter events may be cancelled due to increased COVID-19 cases, but we will proceed with our contests.

Winter Bingo Contest
January 1st until March 31st

Build a Snowman Contest
January 1st until January 30th

Snowman Scavenger Hunt
February 5th until February 28th

BBL Beaver Ice Melting Contest
Contest deadline: February 28th

This event will probably be cancelled because of COVID, but we have the Scavenger Hunt to keep you busy in February and the BBL Beaver will reside here.
Winter Carnival & Chili Cook-off
Family Day Weekend
Between Elbow Point and Irwin Drive
Outdoor event
Thank you to Tabatha & Theresa for hosting!

Full Moon Walks on the Lake
Full Moon Saturday nights in January & February

St Patrick's Day Parade
Saunders Rd
Thursday, March 17th

Kayak Water Polo
Weekends in July & August

Sunday, July 31st

Movie Night
Labour Day Weekend
Thank you to Drew & Michelle for hosting!

Annual General Meeting
Virtual or in person
September or October

Witches Walk
Saunders Rd
Sunday, October 30th

Boxing Day Parade
Saunders Rd
December 26th



Nature Activity Colouring Book

We produced an Activity Colouring Book for our Nature Walk in the spring of 2018. We have now created a version on our website.

Link to Nature Activity Colouring Book

Social Director & Committee Members Needed

Contact us if you'd like to join our Social Committee or even take over as Director. As you can see from our Calendar of Events, we have lots of things planned despite COVID-19. It has encouraged us to approach things differently and we think change is good. Maybe you have some great ideas that we need to hear.
November 6\20

Thank you to Sue Flanagan. Sue is creating beautiful pottery bird ornaments as prizes.
December 30\21

Nancy Boyce has donated this prize from The Avant‑Garden Shop in Peterborough.
January 9\22

Big Bald Lake Hoodies Draw

Congratulations to our winners:

December - Brody Flanagan
November - Mark Kowall
October - Olivia Crawford
September - Shayne Rheeder
August - Brenda Thomas
July - Pete Crawford

We're having regular draws throughout the year to give away Big Bald Lake Hoodies.

Once you enter, we'll keep your name on the list and you'll be eligible for future draws until all the hoodies are gone. Good luck!

Go to the Draw Entry Form for your chance to win.

November 9\21

Build a Snowman Contest

Build a snowman or snow animal, or inflate a snowman facing the water, snap a photo and

Deadline: Sunday, January 30th
December 30\21

Prizes to be announced. We're still looking for ideas and donations.

Snowman Scavenger Hunt

We're going to have a Scavenger Hunt to find the snowmen on the lake. We'll post images and instructions on February 5th as we need to gather everyone's photos first. Deadline: February 28th
December 30\21

We're still looking for prize donations, but look what we've got so far. Thanks Barb!

Barb Knill has donated these fragrance free Mary Kay Products: Satin Hand set, hand cream, hand soap & hand sanitizer.

Barb Knill, Mary Kay
Independent Beauty Consultant
January 9\22

Big Bald Lake Beaver Ice Melting Contest

Guess the date when the Beaver will go swimming for your chance to win $100 gift certificate for a local business of your choice.

The Big Bald Lake Beaver is on the bay between Elbow Point and Irwin Drive. Thank you to Theresa & Mark for keeping an eye on him this winter. Also, thank you to Tom & Margaret for hosting the beaver last year and to John for moving him to his new location.

All guesses must be unique. See the calendar below to choose your date.

Contest closing date is February28th.
January 9\22

Beaver Dunk Dates

This is a list of the dates when the Beaver went swimming and our lucky past winners:

March 19, 2021 - Sandra Linton

April 4, 2020 - Tom & Margaret Cheung

April 15, 2019 - Sue Flanagan

April 23, 2018 - Rod Ciccale

April 7, 2017 - Don Cuttell

March 27, 2016 - Sue Flanagan

April 13, 2015 - Brenda Thomas
March 20\21

Historical Ice Stats

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2021 Year in Review