Membership Fees

1 year - $35; 2 years - $70; 3 years - $100 ($5 savings)
July 2\16


We have made arrangements with FOCA for on-line BBLCA membership payments.

Go to the BBLCA on-line payment portal on the FOCA website.

Please note: the basic payment is for 1 year for $35. If you chose the 2 year option, it will add another $35 for a total of $70. If you chose the 3 year option, it will add $65 for a total of $100 (a $5 savings).

Any payments made will be credited to the 2018-19 fiscal year, which starts July 1st and to subsequent fiscal years if you choose the multi-year option.

We will be notified by FOCA once you have paid, so there is no need to email us about your payment.

Not sure if you've already paid? Need to update your contact info now? Just email Nancy.
July 15\18

Unable to use the link to the on-line payment?
Go to:
Under the Member Services tab, choose Membership Payment Processing, then click on the BBLCA logo. It will take you to:
August 14\15

Mailing Address

43 Saunders Rd
Buckhorn ON K0L 1J0


Membership Forms

Membership Information Form

July 15\18

What we do for our Community

  • Phosphorus and E.coli testing
  • posting E.coli results within days of testing
  • notifying affected residents if E.coli results are high
  • monitoring and reporting on environmental issues
  • offering contests and social events
  • soliciting sponsorship and donations to keep costs low
  • regular communications through emails, our website and Facebook
  • printed directories available for all paid members
  • promoting a sense of community!

What we do with the Money

  • insurance for the corporation
  • E.coli testing
  • FOCA membership
  • AGM
  • social events, contests, prizes
  • website domain and hosting
  • November 16\16

FOCA Membership Benefits

BBLCA Members are FOCA Members! Read the FOCA Membership benefits here.
November 16\16


If you'd like to advertise with us, please contact Kim Letto. Directory advertising includes your ad on our Sponsors & Advertisers page.

Click on the image below to access our advertising spec sheet.

Click here to see the advertising portion of our 2016 directory. November 10\17


All on-line directory files are locked. Need the password?

The following directories have simple formatting that can be printed on letter size paper.

Full BBLCA Directory Sorted by Street

Full BBLCA Directory Sorted by Last Name

Errors? Omissions?

May 11\17


Click on the map below for a full size image.

BBLCA PDF Map - 8.5 in. x 11 in.

BBLCA PDF Map - 11 in. x 17 in.
October 21\16