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All membership payments are ackowledged. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please follow-up with us.

Membership Fees

1 year - $35; 2 years - $70; 3 years - $100 ($5 savings)
July 2\16

Payment Options

We have a number of payment options. We encourage you to use e-transfer to reduce the 4.5% administrative fee that we incur with PayPal & FOCA.

Electronic payment is preferable during the pandemic.

  • E-Transfer through your on-line banking system
    • for donations, membership, sponsorship, advertising
  • PayPal
  • FOCA Membership Payment Portal by charge card
  • Cash or Cheque - give to any BBLCA board member or contact us for pick-up
  • Cheque - mail to the BBLCA
    • Cheques are payable to:
      Big Bald Lake Cottager's Association
  • May 1\21

Mailing Address

344 Elbow Point Rd
Buckhorn ON  K0L 1J0
May 1\21

Membership Form

If you want to mail a payment for your membership fee, please complete and include the form below:

Membership Information Form
November 2\19

Contact Information Form for Directory

Complete and submit the form below if you want to supply contact information for the directory:

Contact Form
November 10\18

What we do for our Community

Our goal is to promote a sense of shared community through social events, the promotion of local businesses, and a shared responsibility for the Big Bald Lake environment.

We do this by:

  • Organizing and offering contests and social events
  • Providing printed business and resident directories
  • Posting phosphorus and E.coli testing and immediately notifying affected residents if E.coli results are high
  • Monitoring, reporting and educating on local environmental issues
  • Soliciting sponsorship and donations to keep costs low
  • Providing regular communication through emails, website & Facebook

What we do with the Money

  • Social events, contests, prizes, welcome packages
  • E.coli testing
  • FOCA membership (Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Association)
  • Insurance for the corporation
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Website domain, security and hosting
  • November 2\19

FOCA Membership Benefits

BBLCA Members are FOCA Members! Read the FOCA Membership benefits here.
September 11/2019

Printed Directory

Printed directories are distributed with welcome packages. If you do not have a printed directory, then please contact us. May 1\19


All on-line directory files are locked. Need the password?

The following directories have simple formatting that can be printed on letter size paper.

Full BBLCA Directory Sorted by Road Name
May 1\21

Full BBLCA Directory Sorted by Last Name
May 1\21

Errors? Omissions?

November 10\18


Click on the map below for a full size image.

BBLCA PDF Map - 8.5 in. x 11 in.

BBLCA PDF Map - 11 in. x 17 in.
October 21\16